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In the eve of the start of the LIEBHERR ITTF European Championships the excitement rise in Warsaw. In previous days all the players had a chance to “fell” the venue and all the preparations are done. We all wait for 9 am tomorrow when the Championships will commence with the opening rounds in Mixed Doubles Event. The action in group stages in singles will follow.

The man who has the record number of titles at the European Championships and the reigning champion, Timo BOLL is under spot light once again.

“The past year has been difficult for me due to my back problems. This year it is getting better every week. I cannot say that I am sure that I will defend the title. But I am in such a form that anything is possible. I have not played in tournaments for quite a long time, so I have to rediscover my routine a bit. I would say that I am not so much nervous as I am excited about this competition. I’m glad to be in the game and I enjoy the sport,” said Timo BOLL.

Football is one of the topic here in Warsaw too.

“I trained football as a child and am still a fan of the sport. For the next few days in my free time I will be following the results of Euro 2020, because the German team is one of those who can win the tournament,” revealed Timo.

Reigning champion in Women Singles Event, LI Qian is not able to defend her title at home soil. She was forced to withdrew due the injury. Nevertheless, Poland will be represented with strong line up led by Olympian and Paraolympian Natalia PARTYKA.

“Someone recently concluded that this is my 14th championship. I must admit that I don’t really count it myself. I focus on the next match or tournament. Before the Championships, I feel unsure, because the last months have been strange for us. We played less than usual during the Pandemic. First matches and a good start to the competition will be crucial,” explained Natalia.

Katarzyna GRZYBOWSKA-FRANC returns to the team after the maternity break.

“Separation from my son is not easy. But on the other hand, I know that this is the only way I can focus on the Championship. Fortunately, video calls make the separation easier. I am physically well prepared and I feel that the power is back,” said Katarzyna.

Jakub DYJAS was very optimistic:

“I feel good, both physically and mentally There is a well-worked camp behind me and other Polish players and it is extremely important before such a tournament. I am sure we can do well in the championship.”